Kremenchuk Ukraine Mission

The mission efforts in Kremenchuk, Ukraine

Where is the mission?

Kremenchuk is in east central Ukraine in the Poltava Region, 4 hours south of Kyiv, the capital. It is a city of 232,000 people.



  • In 1995 the population was 52,000,000 and now it is 42,500,000. The average family size is maybe 2 children. The death rate is 1/3 higher than the birth rate.
  • Gained independence in August of 1991 from Russia and now has been its own free nation for 27 years.
  • A country about the size of Texas. The largest European Country that is all in Europe.
  • Located south and west of Russia. Used to be known as the breadbasket of Russia because of what it produced.
  • The Capital is Kiev and the center for most international flights coming into the country. A city of about 4 million people. On the Dnieper River, the second longest river in Europe.
  • The country is divided into Regions as we would States.
  • Suffered through a forced hunger by Stalin in the 30s, killing between 6 and 12 million Ukrainians.
  • During WWII over 6 million died. First, they saw the Germans as saviors, then came to realize the horror they brought. The Germans took millions as slaves.
  • The new government is struggling with growing pains. Two problems that are very hard on the country right now are corruption and high taxation.


  • A city of 224,000 also is located on the Dnieper River, about 3 ½ hours south of Kiev in the Poltava Region.
  • 98% destroyed by the Germans during WWII.
  • The city is far enough away from Kiev and other major cities to have only 1 American style restaurant (McDonald's) and has its own unique Ukrainian culture.
  • Kremenchuk has 35 schools of first through twelve grades schools. This is the typical way for Ukraine to have school systems.
  • It has two universities and has a large and well-developed trade school system.
  • It is in the heart of the plains and agricultural region.
  • 80% of the people live in apartments or locally known as flats. Many of these are privately owned.
  • There is a boy’s prison here for 14-18 years old with 350+ inmates where boys are brought from all over Ukraine.
  • The common language of the people of this part of Ukraine is Russian. The government has made Ukrainian the national language, but Russian is a close 2nd in the eastern part of the country.